BMX Girls
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Video : Julie Iwasuila

By On April 20, 2015

New video from Julie Iwasuila !… Read More


Sakura 2015 Spring Video

By On April 10, 2015

7 year old Sakura San from Japan’s latest video! Check Her Out!!… Read More

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Video : Nikita Ducarroz

By On April 10, 2015

Nikita Ducarroz’s new video ! “Two broken feet, thousands of dollars worth of stolen camera gear, and a year later we finally managed to finish up a video! I definitely had a… Read More

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Video : Hell Track with Mica and Camila

By On April 6, 2015

helltrack ’15 Mica-Cami from Camila Harambour on Vimeo. Quick video of Camila Harambour and Mikeila Pelayes at Helltrack !… Read More

Vividphotography by Wayne

Interview : Nikita Ducarroz

By On March 27, 2015

Nikita Ducarroz has an interview up on Girls is Not a Four Letter Word. Go check it out HERE !… Read More

The Kitchen Girls Class Final Podium

The Kitchen Girls Class Results & Photos

By On March 23, 2015

2015 The Kitchen Skatepark Girls Class! 1 Hannah Roberts 2 Kiera Bonifacio 3 Daniela Cifuentes 4 Trista Hartmann 5 Hannah Stevens Hannah Stevens Kiera Bonifacio : Double Peg Trista Hartmann: Foot Jam… Read More

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Video : Analia Zacarias

By On March 23, 2015

Read More


2015 Toronto X Jam Photos and Results

By On March 10, 2015

2015 Toronto X Jam‘s Girls Class! 1 Angie Marino 2 Hannah Roberts 3 Kiera Bonifacio 4 Ashley Macdonald 5 Sarah Dinel 6 Lily Mulluso 7 Daniela Cifuentes  … Read More

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Video : Camila Harambour

By On March 4, 2015

004 Camila Harambour & Andrés Harambour ENE ENE FILM CONTEST from ENE ENE BIKES – Rodrigo Decuzzi on Vimeo. Video by : Andres Harambour… Read More


UPDATE : PREORDER Daniela Cifuentes Shirts

By On March 2, 2015

Just an update for the “Gettin’ Jawsome” fundraiser shirts for Daniela Cifuentes.. You will have until MARCH 14th, 2015 to preorder a shirt. So get your order in to help Daniela !… Read More