BMX Girls



MARCH 25th – Banned in the Backyard (Orlando, Florida)

MAY 7TH – Girls demo at Vans Pro Cup (Malaga, Spain)
MAY 13th-15th – Butcher Jam (Hamburg, Germany) Prize $
MAY 24th-28th- FISE (Montpellier, France) Prize $

JUNE 4th – Girls demo at Vans Pro Cup (Guadalajara, Mexico)
JUNE 10th – FISE (Croatia)
JUNE 10th – Xgames open qualifier (Boise, Idaho)
JUNE 17th – FISE (Hungary)
JUNE 25th- JULY 1st – Woodward West Girls Week

JULY 6th-9th – NASS England
JULY 13th-16th – X Games Demo (Minneapolis)

AUGUST 6th – Vans US Open (Huntington Beach, California) Prize $ (Invitational only earn invites at other stops during demos or participating in the international qualifiers.)