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Girls BMX Jam at The Source

May 22, 2018

Wednesday nights at the Source Park have always been girl’s night, but never quite like this… This time around over 20 women from all around the UK–as well a few visiting pros from the USA–took over the park for the Girls Only Jam. With no classes or age groups, everyone competed together–from 12 year old Sasha Pardoe to veteran pro Nina Buitrago. The judging premise was unique, as well, as the girl’s scores weren’t affected by what they didn’t pull, but only judged on what they did land. This approach encouraged the girls to push themselves and go for stuff regardless if they thought they could pull it or not. And it worked… just a few things we saw include 12 year old Sasha attempting fly-out tailwhips, Nina hitting the curved wallride, 16 year-old Hannah Roberts stomping a tailwhip air, Angie Moreno icepick grinding a rail off a kicker, and both Angie and Nina double pegging the big rail. A laid back session with your peers helping push each other to progress… sounds awesome, right? You bet it was. Shout out to all the women who rode, the people who showed up to show support, and The Source for supporting the women of BMX.

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