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Naokingragh Photobook

July 7, 2017

Hi friends!

One of our Japanese friends came out to Austin, Texas last year for Xgames and shot a ton of photos of the girl riders! She recently put this book together of her photographs from her trip to the US. To purchase one of these rad books, go to our shop page or click the link HERE and treat yo’ self to a book of badass babes shredding BMX.

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This book is a by Japanese female BMX rider and photographer Naoki. This is Naoki’s first photobook project called “Naokingragh”.
In June 2016, the Xgames was held under the scorching hot sun in Austin, Texas.
132 full color pages of riding photographs by 9 crazy, ”KAWAII”, and the coolest girl BMX riders from all around the world who were invited to the Xgames. An astonishing time at the Xgames and they spent fun days in Austin.
This Naokingragh will make you want to fly out to the USA with your BMX bike!

132 pages



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