Nina B Update

November 19, 2011

I’ve been keeping up with Nina via texts and emails since her crash.. Here’s a little update on how’s she’s doing..

Sorry this email is so long, its been awhile since we got to catch up/you driving across country and me talking your ear off, ha! I’m doing a LOT better, every week a little less pain, and my face looks pretty good, normal, except for that my jaw is wired shut and I’m too embarrassed to smile in public. Lots of dry erase-board “talking” has been helping me be somewhat social again, giggle a lot and help me stay in good spirits.  My next doctor appointment is Monday, I’ll hopefully get to schedule a date to get “unwired” in next 3 weeks 🙂  SUPER huge thank you to hippy Josh at 9th street for starting online fundraiser on Facebook to help me while I’m out of work still, and to Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross, everyone at 9th street, Empire, clown dog bike shop, the whole Austin scene, Legacy Merch, DK bicycles, , mikey swenson, RampRiders crew, French Fries, especially ARF, my family and friends and anyone else I may have forgotten who have helped me through this. Thank you!
-Nina B



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