Video : Women BMX Documentary

October 17, 2017

From House Park Skatepark to the 9th street trails I give to you a short film based out of Austin, Texas. This film features local and pro riders, such as Nina Buitrago, Brittany Cambell, Alexis Mabry, Joya Cooper and Courtney Lake.

Directed & Edited | Myka Dylan

Music | No, I’m the leader


Video : Nikita Ducarroz

October 4, 2017

New video from Nikita Ducarroz hitting all the San Diego spots!

“Mongoose Bikes rider, Nikita Ducarroza moved from a tiny NorCal village to San Diego. Moves are always challenging but now that she’s been there a little while Nikita said; “it’s hands-down the only place I’d ever want to live!”. One thing that really impressed her was the riding scene. “I especially love the fact that you can ride everything here. For this video, we spent three days hitting up the Claremont and MLK skateparks, Home Ave Ditch, and a few other spots around San Diego.” Looks like Nikita likes her new territory.”


Video : Fise Edmonton 2017

September 18, 2017

Watch the ladies throw down in UCI Finals at FISE: Edmonton! Riders include Hannah Roberts, Angie Marino, Maca Perez, Shanice Silva Cruz, and more! Ever see a girl do a flipwhip before? –Vital BMX

1st Hannah Roberts
2nd Maca Perez
3rd Nikita Ducarroz
4th Analia Zacarias
5th Angie Marino
6th Shanice Silvia Cruz


Video: 9 Year-Old Shredder Sakura!

September 9, 2017

Sakura‘s dad sent this new video of her shredding over to us and it has us stoked!

When I was 9 years old I was just learning how to pump rollers, so seeing her moves in this video is pretty awesome.

Fast paced, up-beat, and downright inspiring makes this video a good watch. Check it out!


Video: Raima Hinkley and Karl Hinkley “Father Daughter BMX Dance”

September 6, 2017

I’ve been watching Raima progress at the Nowear Compound for a few years, starting with a video of her dropping in on the steep outdoor ramp roll in to seeing her winning the intermediate class at Bike Like A Girl and doing stunt shows with the Nowear BMX Team.

Here’s a short but sweet video of the Raimathorn killing it with her dad Krazy Karl on their show ramps!