Video : Charlotte Worthington My Hiroshima Experience

April 25, 2018

Thanks to British Cycling I had the opportunity to travel to and enter Fise Hiroshima in Japan! It was a scary, new, fantastic and exciting experience with some legendary people that made me feel really looked after and supported me throughout. I couldn’t have made it here without them.

It was tough cramming over a week of footage into a video and keeping it interesting, it was also a challenge learning when and what I needed to film. All new to me but I’m happy with the outcome, let me know what you think!

I’m very thankful and I can’t wait for the next adventure!


Video : FISE Hiroshima

April 15, 2018

The top ladies of the BMX world throw down in the first UCI stop of 2018. Riders include Angie Marino, Nina Buitrago, Charlotte Worthington, Hannah Roberts, Nikita Ducarroz, and more!

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FISE Hiroshima

April 9, 2018

First stop of Fise is a wrap!

1st   Hannah Roberts
2nd Angie Marino
3rd  Lara Lessmann

4th Nina Buitrago
5th Nikita Ducarroz
6th Charlottle Worthington
7th Teresa Azcoaga
8th Minato Oike

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Video : The Start Of My BMX Journey | Charlotte Worthington

March 30, 2018

Introducing myself to my new audience! I talk about my past, present and a little bit of future journey for bmxing! This is pretty much an every day session for me, with an extra bit of fire thanks to Beast Rampz new resi, I wanted you guys to come withe me and see what a great atmosphere we have and to learn a little more about me.

I had loads of fun filming this video and it’s my first vlog style video so I’m open to feedback, please excuse all the talking, it’s not always going to be like that. If it’s too short, too long (ignoring the talking), if you want to see more of me ride or more of my friends; let me know! 😀


UCI BMX Freestyle APP : All Girls Comp

March 7, 2018

***Open World Wide***
Opens March 8th and closes March 11th.
Top 3 get cash, 4-10 will receive product from companies like @theshadowconspiracy and @cultcrew
Tap the ? in the APP and enter on March 8th.

Don’t have the APP?
1. Go to your app store on your phone
2. Download UCI BMX Freestyle app
3. Create your profile
4. Click on the trophy icon
5. Upload your video clip!


CULT CREW Welcomes Angie Marino and Perris Benegas

March 5, 2018

Pretty stoked to announce that Perris Benegas and I ( Angie Marino) are now a part of the CultCrew family! THE STOKE IS HIGH. Excited and honored. Below is our welcome video, hope you enjoy!

BMX is for for everyone that wants it. Don’t matter what you ride. We’re especially proud to add these 2 badass girls to the CultCrew Family. Here’s a weekend of shredding in the SoCal area from Angie Marino and Perris Benegas. Give them a follow below…




Vans BMX Pro Cup

February 25, 2018

Vans just dropped their dates for the BMX Pro Cup tour and all four of these stops have a women’s class!


Video : Off The Clock with Emma Finnegan

February 16, 2018

Emma Finnegan joined us all the way from England this summer. Emma, the all-terrain vehicle, destroyed every park from Outdoor Street to The Rock, and even the Mini Mega.

Join us this summer for Girls Week! Female athletes from all over the country will be around for Week 10. You should be too. .

Go To Camp Woodward: