Product Spotlight: Shanice Silva Cruz FISE World Series Bracelets

April 14, 2017

Shanice Silva Cruz is selling handmade BMX bracelets to fund her travels for the FISE World Series!

The epitome of Yeah Zine is creating opportunities where they are lacking so we are excited to see Shanice, most notably the 2015 FISE World Montpellier champion along with many other accomplishments, taking steps to fund her own travels to the entire global tour.

We’re also excited because she shreds and we can’t wait to see her tear it up at the contests!

Pick yourself up one of her handmade bracelets for only €10 by getting in touch with her on facebook . You’ll have an awesome BMX bracelet and when she kicks butt at the contests you can feel good for helping her get there!

Ships worldwide, available in assorted colors.



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