Ride BMX : X Games 2017 – Girls Session

July 22, 2017

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The girl BMX scene is kicking ass right now. The ladies had three sessions on the park course at X Games 2017 and they made the most of it with two early morning practice sessions and then the Girl Demo. The progression in tricks, style, and just great bike control is incredible. But what’s even more impressive is the how diverse the scene is, with riders from all as far away as Japan, Russia, and New Zealand and as young as 15 year-old Hannah Roberts, who has truck drivers and flairs on lock! After the showing the girls had this year, hopefully we’ll be seeing an official Girls BMX event next year at X Games.

“After three years of demos behind closed doors, this year was the first time X Games was able to work in a full on official Women’s BMX Park demo—with music, an announcer (Darryl Nau!), and the wonderful long awaited crowd. I knew it was going to be pretty tough to convince everyone to fly out to Minneapolis on their own dime to ride in another demo for what was now the fourth year in a row—especially with quite a few other contests welcoming us with open arms like the Vans BMX Pro Cup, combined with the announcement of BMX freestyle in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. We have found ourselves with a lot to look forward to in a short period of time. Of course, financially, some of us may have to pick and choose which events we can afford to go to. With that said, I really pushed for X Games to make this demo as official as possible. We had support from all our fellow riders, skateboarders, Moto X, industry people, and fans. It was so awesome to see the turn out and the level of riding progression… I am still receiving so much positive feedback and praise. The ladies all killed it, I’m really stoked that we had such a killer and unique line up of nationalities, style, and ages were represented. Shout out to the media homies for coming out to support us, as well. Thanks for the good times X Games. Hope to see you next year for the real thing!” Nina Buitrago

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Riders (in order of appearance):



Adam Banton
“German Film”



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