Video : Ayu Winter

July 16, 2013

Ayu Winter sent this video in for our video contest !

AyuWinter from Smorkinlabbit on Vimeo.

“Hi guys!
We are featuring Ayuwinter from Singapore for Yeah Zine contests!
Her interests in riding bmx flourished when she was 18 years old. Started from the bottom, now she’s here (yes, yes, we hear you Drake, hahaha…), her inspirations towards riding bmx never stop to cease. The strong motivations from her peers and from the supportive bmx riders, never stopped her from riding, despite all those fun bails!
Watch this and support bmx ladies as well, guys! Peace & Love.
BMX Chic : Ayuwinter, Singapore
Film & Edited By : Smorkinlabbit”



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