Video : Fox Women’s BMX Jam

February 4, 2016

“The first ever Fox Women’s BMX Jam kicked off at the Walnut Creek Pumptrack here in Austin, TX bringing over 40 girls along with the majority of the Austin BMX scene present to show their support. Although we are lucky to have one of the largest girls BMX scenes here in Austin, it’s not everyday that we all get to come together for a session, and plan ahead enough for girls from all over to join us!

Women who heard about the event road tripped over 14 hours, flew in from all over with excitement just to meet and ride with other women who ride BMX. I chose the pumptrack because it’s one of those places any skill level can ride and have fun. We had a few little contests to keep everyone engaged, fastest lap, “best style” and “tough as nails” with lots of Fox Women gear to bring home, this got all of the ladies stoked since there isn’t usually “Women-specific” brands of swag at bmx events.

Huge thanks to Fox for helping me host a super fun day of riding and BBQ at the trails for the ladies. It was so awesome to see each of the girls doing trains, helping some conquer their fears of the bigger lines, and generally just inspiring and motivating each other to branch out, try a new line, or pedal a little faster. I feel like every woman left with a little more confidence on their bikes, some new friends and had an amazing time.

Shout outs to Empire, T-1, Tree and Scotty Mescal for manning the BBQ grill, Joe Rich for filming, Devon Hutchins for photos, Angie Marino for illustrating the flier, and all of the locals for putting in so much of their time and effort to help me get the jumps running. HUGE thanks to Fox Women, couldn’t have put together such a memorable weekend for so many women without you! Hope to see y’all at the next one!

~ Nina Buitrago, Fox BMX Athlete”

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