Video : Leah Brideson

July 24, 2013

Leah Brideson’s video contest entry ! Her trip from Canada and the US was also feature in our last zine.

LEAH BRIDESON USA x CAN TRIP from Brendan Boeck on Vimeo.

Leah and I travelled through Canada and parts of the United States late 2012. We had such an amazing time seeing the sights and riding our BMX bikes. You’ll see clips from NYC, The Rocky Mountains, SLC, Syracuse, Saskatoon, Airdrie, Phlugerville and ATX. A massive thanks go out to all our amazing friends and wonderful people who looked after us and showed us such humble hospitality in your countries.
Adam Matteis
The Fishers
Matt ‘Turndown’ Schilling & Michele Maciejewski
Chris Bourke
Lindsay Hale & Nina Buitrago
Leah Brideson
(Wallnut Creek riders: Danielle Windhausen & Lindsay Hale)
Brendan Boeck A.K.A B-Dog
Xavier Rudd – Black Water
‘Dark Shades of Blue’
Graphic Design
Bohie Palecek
IG: @bohie
Additional Filming
Nina Buitrago



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